True Worth in Self Identity of Self in Society

In the pace of life, we seem to have lost our selves. ‘Self’ is described as the understanding of ones self. It means recognizing of ones soul and inner voice. Often, in the course of fulfilling responsibilities we ignore our true identity. In addition, our inner voice is suppressed. Inner voice is the voice of god. It gives direction to the life. As ship is controlled by a rudder, inner voice directs the soul. We are running rapidly to materialize our aims. In addition, are too busy to introspect and ponder upon our lives. In the midst of hustle bustle of life we seem to have lost our identity. Identity is the true reflection of an individual. An individual works hard all day to make currency and improve his standard of living.

In the technological age, world has become globalize. You can reach anybody at any time in the world. Moreover, interacting with people can be done at reasonable costs. Technology, such as VOIP or voice over internet protocol, Internet, web camera and low cost flights has enabled people to interact with their loved ones at low costs. The number of people traveling to far off places has been continuously increasing. Not only people but even businesses are being outsourced as a result of these cutting edge technologies. Businesses of developed countries are being done by third world nations at very low costs. Billions of dollars are being invested on research and development so that people can land on moon. Scientists are working hard to make space a tourist destination. In addition, within a decade’s time this will be a possibility.

Nevertheless, isn’t it ironical that people are dreaming to tour space while they have no time to discover themselves? They have the latest gadgets, such as blackberry and I-phone but have no time to interact with their loved ones. In addition, by the time people realize the important of their inner selves and family, a generation goes by. Thus, it is important that you understand your true worth and the purpose of your living.

Your real worth should be based on your understanding of your self and not as per society’s rules and regulations. Everybody has a distinct identity of oneself, what is required is to realize your actual worth. Your bank balance, gadgets and accessories do not define your. The self is above the materialistic accumulations. Once you become aware of your self, the life becomes meaningful and happier. In addition, you have a peace of mind, which are the most prized possessions in the stressful world. You become more positive and start accepting everything around you as a part of life. As a result you accept your personal existence.

The journey from self-ignorance to understanding your self involves techniques, such as meditation, yoga and spending time with nature. Meditating regularly can help you know your true worth. Decide on a place at your home and sit there in a cross-legged position with eyes closed. Remain silent for some time and then ask yourself questions about the reason of your existence in the world. Initially it may be difficult as well, as you may be distracted but practice the art of meditating for around 20 minutes everyday. Ask yourself what the thing gives you actual happiness. Soon you will change the positive difference in your life. The negative emotions such as fear, anxieties, insecurities or worries will be replaced with feelings of love, affection and mental serenity.

Spend time with nature and exercise regularly. Colorful flowers, chirping birds and grass-studded dewdrops are a great stress buster. As a result you have a calm mind and are in more control of your self.

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