Swedish Massage- The Best And Most Popular

Being on the receiving end of a Swedish massage is a very enjoyable experience. This type of massage is the most popular and the masseuse, or masseur, uses long strokes gliding up and down your body so you feel relaxed and refreshed. This form of massage is the most practiced form of massage.

The therapist will talk to you before giving you your first massage to find out about any problem areas you may have that need to be addressed. If this is your first massage the masseuse will try to put you at ease with some aroma therapy and soft music playing in the background.

If you are comfortable with it, have your Swedish massage while you are nude. The therapist will not be in the room before the massage to allow you to get comfortable and disrobe. The massage table will have a sheet covering it so once you have disrobed slide under the sheet and then tell her she may come in.

If she has a top of the line table it also may have a heater in it so when you crawl in the table is warm. This is so nice, especially if it is cold outside. The warmth will help you relax as well as getting the massage. Anyway, if you decide to take all your clothes off you will be covered up and warm, I guess that was my point all along.

If you still are not comfortable taking your clothes off then ask the therapist what you should wear to your next appointment, maybe a gown of some kind would work. No more than one body part is exposed at one time so you do not have to worry about over exposure.

Tell your massage therapist about any medical conditions you have and all medications you are taking. You can let them know where your tickle spots are beforehand if you want to but she will find them. also, tell her if you do not like to be touched in certain ares, I am sure she will try to accommodate your wishes.

During yur massage, relax and let your mind wander. Just let the hands on feeling take you away and float on a cloud. You may even fall asleep, which is totally acceptable and even expected. If you focus on the body part being massaged then you can help it relax and get the full benefit of the massage. Hands on massage can be somewhat difficult to get used to especially if you do not like to be touched, tell this to your therapist and she will try tentative touches in the places you are sensitive and see if you can make it work.

The long gliding strokes increase blood flow and move fluid from one place to the next, This helps reduce any swelling you may have. The masseuse also uses kneading motions, tapping, and percussion techniques to stimulate the nerves of the are she is working on. Swedish massage relaxes the circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems.

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