Sections of self identity of the self and society

Self identity is the creation of self image, which a person creates for himself.
Often people create images for themselves and try to transform themselves according to that image that resides their mind.

Every human being needs some admiration for his or her life. These admirations are actually inspiration and encouragement for a person’s life and drive him to move on life. Apart from inspirations, morality also plays its part in forming the person’s identity. Morality is the universal consciousness, which lays down rules demarcating the spaces for wrong and right. It consists of dos and don’ts, which are, age old and are being followed since the time immemorial. Initially morality was associated with religion. When morality was bound with religion it was stringent and strict. It was orthodox as well. Actually when it broke of the religious shackles it became more rational. Morality states that one must have logical and rational approach towards life. It guides human beings not to divert to a path of evils and its sole motto is welfare of the society.

Inspirations are a result of the self-perception process of person about other people. Basically this inspiration and admiration for others arises because of observant attitude of a human being. Human mind is perceptive and sensitive to events taking place around it. It is responsive as well to the changes taking place in social, cultural and political milieu. Therefore, it can be said that a person’s identity is a lucid self formed of reactions to all the sections of society. It is due to the rational and emotional perception of the human race. God has made both these faculties in each of human being which simultaneously work together to form a person’s opinion.

On the sentient level the self identity consists of physical and psychological attributes whereas the social self consists of the moral, cultural and political consciousness of a person. Cultural consciousness is the awareness about one’s origin. Cultural structure also has its deep effects on a human beings psyche. It builds human beings ideology according to the rules regulation laid by one’s community. Ideas and attitudes of a human being are built by these cultural and moral structures.

Political consciousness also has an eminent role in building up an individual’s consciousness. Politics is the word, which concerns power. Every individual living in society can feel the authority of power structure running the society. If one will analyze, he will find that power has a role to play in his life right from the time he was born. Power can exploit as well as can lead to prosperity. Avery individual wishes to acquire power in his life. Powerful individual has concession to fulfill all his wishes. He can make others bow down on his feet. Every individual’s actions are devoted to the motto of acquiring power. Nevertheless, one must take care that if one acquires a powerful status in society then he must not abuse his authority for his/her own selfish interest.

Often individuals are unaware of all these factors, which have built his consciousness as what it appears in his mature state. As he grows, each additional year of his life bring new experiences for him, which add his knowledge and make him more mature.

Self identity is actually the coherent self, which constitutes, one’s habits attitudes, likes, dislikes and one’s perception levels. Likes and dislikes cannot be considered as unique but they do make an individual different. Identity of an individual is unique yet similar. God has made human beings with different but when they stand together they are considered as human race. The conglomeration of human race is bound to have some common qualities, which make it different.

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