Opens Doors for Self Identity in Society

Accepting your inner being to discover your identity

Who are you? Why have come on this earth or what is your identity? Are these the set of questions that’s revolving in your mind? If yes then this is the time when you need to understand your inner self and open doors for your self identity. As such there is no grand definition of self identity that can be explained. Self identity in fact forms the basis of your existence or in other words it is the reality on which your true existence is based. In today’s world of rockets and jets no one has time for themselves. In this rat race against time people don’t even realize that they are leaving behind their own identity. The main elements of self identity comprises of social, psychological and mental traits in a human being.

Your identity is not only based on your concept of self but it’s also the way the others see you or the way the society perceives you. For opening doors to self identity initially you should try to analyze and observe yourself so that you can prioritize yourself accordingly and for that you need to compare yourself with others. By comparing your self with others you will be able to identify or discover your positive and negative traits. As no one in this world is perfect thus it is very important that you should question yourself so as to open doors for understanding your self or your identity. Foremost always try to have an optimistic attitude in your life. A positive approach towards life will not only build up your confidence but at the same time it will also sent positive vibes among the people around you. A positive approach towards life will definitely help you to live life in a more healthy and enriching way. Nevertheless, developing a positive attitude doesn’t mean that you should neglect your dark side. This statement might sound like a paradox to you but in fact it contains the truth.

Every human being in this world has some dark side or negative aspects that he or she tries to avoid but such people forget that if they want to discover their self identity then firstly it’s very important for them to accept their dark side. Dark side is something that we all have it in us and in a way we all neglect our dark side. It is our anger, desire, avenges hatred and lust that sometimes overshadows our identity. Nevertheless, as in a dark room lightness fades away all the darkness similarly the light of wisdom and knowledge can fade up all the darkness in your life so that you can achieve the light of enlightenment. To understand it more clearly let’s take an example a man has a very optimistic attitude towards life but still he has trouble in his relationship with his wife. Therefore, instead of talking to her he tries to suppress his anger thus, repressing his negative attributers.

Some other ways through which you can discover your true identity is through self meditation that is concentrating on some thought or focusing on your inner self. This will in turn lead you to the way of self enlightenment and develop your personality in the society. As ultimately it is the society in which you have to live and perform various actions. A society in fact is a reflection of your true self and your self identity as it expresses you the way you really are. Thus it’s very important that you understand your hidden self in context of the society and the culture that exists around you because then only you can identify yourself.

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