Observational Learning for Self Identity

Self and Society

Observational learning is one of the most effective ways to reach a higher grade of accuracy. Observational learning helps us to acquire accurate knowledge. It also helps us to acquire a higher grade of development of the abilities to execute new behaviors. We learn to manage events, thoughts, feelings and more through observational learning.

Self-analyzing and examining as well as testing will back observational learning and enhance our experiences further. When we put to test what we learn, it gives us a richer meaning. Moreover, we build emotional skills that take us to higher planes of learning.

The competency of emotions gives us a personal inventory of the human components that provide us the framework to make sound decisions while putting the self together as a whole. Many people fail to realize that it is our current emotions that dictate the decisions we make in life. The emotions are pushed by the subliminal mind, which forms that basis that is initiated by our past experiences. More and more people have failed to realize this action, which deprives them of knowing the self-identity.

To achieve a higher level of emotional strength that entity essentially must take actions. Taking action will help one make better decisions, which allows one to realize their hopes, dreams and goals. In order to reach success in life that entity must have goals. Goals are our motivation that allows us to accomplish even the hardest goals.

Emotional strength allows us to keep success, building tools in hand while using them to advance toward our self-identity. When an entity is able to assess his emotional strength, it allows him to analyze self and his personal responses under stressful situations.

This moves one to see the importance of reducing stress. By learning from observation, one can become highly aware of his behaviors, actions, decisions, emotions, et cetera and take notice when his choices or actions cause stress. For instance, if you are watching a television program often that increases your stress, you will notice through observation and can find the strength to cease your actions. This will relieve stress.

We all encounter stressful situations that come from external forces, yet we also encounter some stress from internal sources. This is because we all have learned from experiences, and information from external factors. Therefore, despite that, we have stressors that create stress internally; it all comes from external forces.

In some instances, poor health and mental challenges cause us stress, which come from internal forces. In this instance, we must learn to observe the physiological responses and symptoms in order to discover a resolve. For instance, if you are coughing heavily during the morning or night hours, you will notice your reactions and what causes the symptoms to emerge. Perhaps you smoke tobacco. If you notice that your coughing is resulted from smoking, and then uses your observational learning ability, put your self to the test and find a way to cease your habit.

Habits form from observational learning. This is because external influences factor into our way of conceptually seeing things. We either see things in black or white or on a grey scale. Through observational learning, we can see the misconceptions that formed throughout our life and work to reform this pattern. Think of someone in your life that has followed the direction of someone else. We see this all the time. Peer pressure has pushed many children in the wrong direction, which has lead them down a path of confusion. Thus, learn to observe closer and listen to your inner self instead of letting others influence your identity.

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