Life and Self Identity

Develop identity of the self and society for a good life

A child is given learning about how to behave and live be in the society and by this they develop a notion that they have to be perfect in front of others so as to show one’s status and position. This mentality of the people is very harmful as one should remain what he or she is and not pretend to be someone great. The more real you will be, the more you will be admired by all. Nevertheless, at the same time if you adopt negative approach to win the hearts of your fellow mates, this will not contribute in making your self-identity.

Self-identity is a state in which a person knows well about him and knows what his or her position is in the society. This self-identity is achieved when an individual tries to work on the areas to know about his or her inner self. A person is able to listen to his or her inner voice of the mind and soul when he or she is meditating in solace. Meditation has been a widely accepted practice in which a person is able to link his or her inner self and know what the strengths and weaknesses are. The development of the self-identity is possible when the person works towards shaping their personality so that the potentials and strengths of an individual can be used in shaping the society and thereby developing the identity of the society as a whole.

People often live authentically and feel embarrassed to give their opinions and views to other people, as they fear that others might make fun of their views. Therefore, they keep their ideas deep inside the mind and heart, which in turn hampers their overall development of the self. In addition, it further hinders them in society as if a person will not work towards making his or her society a successful one, the society will automatically be given the tag of ‘backward or orthodox’ and that would be the biggest shame pr threat. Therefore, people should understand that their self-identity and abilities are related directly or indirectly to the identity of the society in which they reside.

To maintain the true identity of a society, it is important the people should adopt a positive and normal behavior that is free from lies, deception and fakeness. A true behavior does not mean that people should always live under the spell of ethics and values. Nevertheless, they should be what they are and give your views openly so that these ideas can be useful in the development of the societal identity.

A society’s identity is dependant upon what its position is in the world. Like if a society adopts some notions and strictly follows them though they may be harmful for others, the society will be regarded as a selfish one, which thinks of catering to the needs of only their people and to others. Thus, a true identity of the self and society has to be maintained so that development can be done in the true sense.

Identity of the self and society can also be developed when the society starts appreciating its people of their contributions. People gets support from their fellow mates and this is turn increase their morale and they start working seriously towards the betterment of the society.

People should be confident enough so that the threats from the external factors should be faced with confidence. Individualism and ego are the two main threats that an individual and society faces. Therefore, ego should be kept aside as it will not contribute in maintaining the identity of the self and society.

Last but not the least, to attain social identity; it is important that one should be well acquainted with the self-identity. Discover you.

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