Fronting Problems for Self Identity in Society

Problems related to self- identity

The theoretical and mental understanding of one’s own existence is known as ‘self-identity’. It is like a total of an individual’s understanding and awareness of his or her own inner self. People sometimes get confused between the concept of self-consciousness and self-identity but in actuality self-consciousness is like awareness of one’s self and self-identity includes the psychological, physical and social qualities of an individual. These attributes get reflected through an individual’s beliefs, habits and ideas.

In today’s hectic and mechanical world, we neglect or simply forget who they are and what position they hold in society. There are many people who often ask themselves about their own identity and fail to get an answer to their query. Therefore, one should understand their value and place in the society and then only he or she will be able to know his or her real identity. Self-identity is not discovered by vaguely asking oneself but by self-awareness. If a person will not know his or her true nature, he or she can never know their real identity and this may become as an obstacle in their path to achieve self-development.

As man is a social animal, he needs the company of other creatures so that he can share his sorrows and joys with them. Therefore, society is regarded as an important ingredient in everyone’s life. What our true identity is gets reflected in the standing and reputation we have in the society. Nevertheless, as there is cutthroat competition in every walk of life these days, the society has become corrupt and people have grown the feelings of hatred and jealousy in their heart towards other fellow creatures.

The most prominent problem that a large number of people face today is the anxiety or tension. This anxiety gets cropped up in an individual through various sources, such as from his or her own self or from the notions of the society. A person cannot lead the life of a recluse and therefore he or she has to interact and relate themselves with the others around them. The society in which we live follows age-old traditions and thinking and this hampers the overall development of an individual’s self. Thus, to overcome the tensions of everyday life, it is important to believe in yourself and try to overhear the taunts and negative thinking of other people in the society.

There are various methods to overcome the stress that is due to the problems of self-identity and place in the society. The most striking of them is to read motivational and inspirational things so that the negative thinking can be replaced with the positive one and thereby reducing the level of anxiety. The second way is to take guidance or help from a counselor or a therapist so that the cause of your anxiety can be detected and then accordingly one can work to overcome this monstrous stress.

One can also relax and rejuvenate oneself by meditation, yoga, aromatherapy or other natural treatments that has no side effects on the human mind and body and they help in overcoming the tensions that damage the rational faculty of an individual. Exercising also contributes a lot in solving the problems of self-identity and other societal differences.

Last but not the least, self-awareness and self-control are very important factors that proves beneficial in knowing oneself of his or her strengths and weaknesses so that the external threats can be faced with great courage and zeal. Go online to find other help with cultivating your zeal for the self-identity in society.

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