Analyze Self in Society for Self Identity

Analyze self for a better society

Self identity refers to the psychosomatic and hypothetical insightful of an individual and the concern, which he has for his very survival in this world. The self identity of an individual can also be regarded as the consciousness and consideration about the individual self. In other words, self identity of a person is entirely different from self perception.

Every individual has certain peculiar way of reacting to the situation and this reaction changes with change in circumstances. The gestures of a person are constantly changed in accordance with other’s action, the attitude of other people are also greatly influenced by one’s reaction. This has also accounted for modification and evolution in the process of society. This has been responsible for constant variations in the gestures and reaction of each and every individual. The thinking process that is going within the mind of a person brings about different situations in the society of which he forms an essential aspect and by doing this we are putting forth our own views. This often leads to sometimes accepting and sometimes rejecting the esteemed opinion of others.

Sometimes failure and success also leads to bring about severe modification in the attitude of a person. With increasing competition in this world, everybody is striving in order to make a niche for himself. In order to survive in this competitive world, an individual is ruining his relationships with hiss near and dear ones. The only thing that matters to him is money. In order to have all the luxuries in life, he is blindly following the footsteps that will in future lead to destruction. This has lead to gaps between his individual personality and the society of which he forms a part. The reasons that are actually responsible for acquiring this sort of outlook is the ignorance of the society towards the causes that have lead to the development of this attitude and over emphasis on the failure symptoms. Due to failure in life the downbeat energy becomes prevalent in him. That further gives rise to the thoughts of envy, sloth, lust and gluttony. The prevalence of these sins in an individual further hampers his growth and prosperity. These thoughts then further deteriorate his relationships. This way he looses his actual worth and the process of his self healing is also hindered. Self healing promotes the self development of an individual. For the process of self development it is very essential to inculcate the positive feelings of generosity, love, and care for the people around him.

Optimistic and positive thoughts can be inculcated in an individual through the process of meditation, yoga, naturopathy, aromatherapy, color therapy among the others. These process are non invasive and do not require and intensive surgeries and drugs for the healing. They are extremely rejuvenating and refreshing. They aid in soothing the mind, soul and body of an organism. These processes have been in existence since time in memorial. Aromatherapy, has also gained tremendous importance over the time period as it serves as a calming process. The aromatherapy massages, oils and incense have aided in relaxing a person. It also induces positive energy with in the person that further helps him to liberate positivistic energy around him. It helps a person to develop his constructive thoughts at the same time hindering the growth of unconstructive thoughts. This will enable in the process of self healing that ultimately leads in development of the self. Therefore, a person should incorporate these methods in his daily life, as this will free him from the pessimistic and unenthusiastic thoughts. The scrutiny of the inner self will definitely help in making this society a better place to live in.

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