Striving for Self Identity in Society

Working towards self for a better life in society

Self-identity refers to the psychological and theoretical perceptive of a person and the constant regard that he holds for his very subsistence. Self-identity of a person can also be seen as the awareness and thoughtfulness of his own self. The concept of self-identity is completely different from that of self-consciousness, which refers to concern about one’s self. Self-identity of a person comprises physical, psychosomatic, and social facets that are persuaded by the habits, ideas, attitudes and belief of a person.

In this world where competition is increasing at a tremendous speed, each and every human being is trying hard in order to carve out a forte for himself. In order to straighten his means an individual is trampling the relationships that at one point of time were of great importance to him. It is only money that is of great importance to him. In this way he has deliberately formed a void between the society and his own self.

The possible reason that has made this sort of attitude prevalent in the society is that society is constantly ignoring the causes and is laying stress on the symptoms of the failure. This way an individual allows the growth of various pessimistic feelings that comprises lust, jealousy, sloth and gluttony. These features are incorporated within his identity and serve to explain the kind of human being he is. The growing competition makes him devoid of all the feelings of humanity and constantly pushes him to the negative aspect. Man who is regarded as a social animal has completely lost his values in the ongoing rat race for success and prosperity. In this he has even lost his true and accurate worth. As a person mainly focuses on the mind and often ignores the thoughts and feelings. It is often seen that its effect on the society is drastic and painful.

This attitude of a person often calls for a need to determine the positive and constructive side of your self and work towards in its development. The positive thoughts will lead to the emission of harmonious vibrations around you. This will hinder the growth of the downbeat energy that has been hampering an individual from adorning pleasant and blissful thoughts. In order to develop healthy relationship with the society and to relieve oneself from the pressure, a person needs to change his living style. This can be done by incorporating self-healing process that comprise yoga, meditation, naturopathy, aromatherapy, color therapy in his daily routine. They are non-invasive processes that do not require any surgeries and drugs. They aid a person in relaxing and rejuvenating from the stresses and anxiety. Yoga and meditation have been practiced by people since ancient times, so their reliability cannot be doubted. It is a soothing and calming process that enhances the concentration of a person. It helps a person to raise oneself from the measures of the world.

Aromatherapy massages and oils have also been in practice from time in memorial. It also enhances the process of self-healing that forte helps a person in acquainting with the self that he had lost due to his excessive indulgence in the selfish means. The aromatherapy oils can also be mixed in the water for a stress beating experience. It also enables a person to be indifferent to the people surrounding him. This will also help him to overcome his materialistic advancement to life. These ways will definitely ensure success and advancement in life by banking on the positive facets and minimizing the unconstructive aspects.

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