Solutions for Self Identity of Self in Society

Unearthing Solutions of the Self Identity—identifying the inner worth

Self identity is realizing your true self and actual worth. It is an important part of self growth. It is in fact the first step towards the evolution process of an individual. World over millions of people devote their time and money to improve their looks and maintain their physique. Everyday new studies and researches are being undertaken to develop a product that provides a glowing effect to the skin. Anti-aging creams have been developed so that wrinkles can be postponed. Liposuction, botox injections and others methods are used to provide glow to the skin.

Nevertheless, how many of you have taken time to recognize or heal the inner self? People get so busy in their jobs and other social responsibilities that they forget the existence of their souls. They take all decisions keeping in mind social rules and regulations. As per the society’s standards money and social standing is the yardstick of a successful person. Anybody who posses a latest gadget, flashy cars and wears designer clothes is considered an ideal figure. He becomes an enviable figure for everybody strives hard to accumulate these goods.

Nevertheless, they are not happy. It’s ironical that they work hard to buy latest things so that they can be satisfied. The problem is that people are running so fast that they do not realize the direction in which they are moving. They want to be famous so that they are known by everybody. Nevertheless, they do not have time to know and realize their true worth. Since they are not aware of the direction of their life, they suffer from negative feelings, such as depression, fear and anxiety.

Only people who have analyzed and understood themselves can have a serene mind. As a result they remain happy. It is this everlasting happiness that is the source of their glowing skin. Their face has a very attractive look. This is because they accept all situations in life with courage. Such kinds of people know the source of their happiness. They listen to their inner voice and follow their instinct.

It is quite possible that you may find true happiness in the world of colors. The profession you may choose considering your interest may be painting, artist or drawing. However, under society’s pressure you may have taken finance as your profession. You may earn well but you will always be a frustrated person. As a result you suffer from stress and eventually from health disorders, such as diabetes and ulcers. It is important to control yourself rather than controlling other people. This is because unless you conquer yourself, how can you make other to follow you. The key to your everlasting happiness lies not in your bank balance or job but within you. It’s your distinct individuality that provides you your identity. It is very essential to know your true worth and the purpose of your existence.

It is very essential that you recognize your true worth and live accordingly. In the midst of job and other responsibilities we lose the actual purpose of our existence. You can know yourself by following certain techniques, such as meditation. Meditation is the art that can be done at your home and sit there cross legged with eyes closed. Remain quiet for some time and then ask yourself questions about the reason of your existence in the world. Ask yourself what are the thing gives you everlasting happiness. Practice this art regularly and soon you will see the positive change in your life. The negative emotions such as fear, insecurities or worries will have no place in your life.

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