Society in Self Identity of Self

Society a creator and destroyer!

An individual self is an intricate part of the society. So many individual self together make up a community and when they have common social goals it becomes a society. A society is an organized structure, which has basic units like family, schools and workplaces, which work in collaboration for the betterment of the society.

When an individual is born family takes care of the innocent baby in its initial years and inculcates in him/her the basic etiquettes. These basic etiquettes are the genuine behavioral codes, like how to eat and how to respect elders and veterans. When he grows older, the school is the next institution, which makes him/her a well bred human being. School actually is the first introduction of an individual to the outer world. He/she learns how to live in coherence with other individuals of his age group. He/she learns what his /her responsibilities are, towards the society are and how to fulfill them effectively. Here in school he also gets accustomed to the bound schedule of the school and becomes a disciplined individual. During his educational training he also becomes trained in attributes like, self restrain and self abnegation.

As he grows older his work scenario changes and so does the level of perception. With increased responsibility he/she becomes the consciousness of an individual broadens itself. With broad perception levels his judgment also polishes. With logical judgments he analyses his actions and thoughts more effectively to reach a prudent decisions. Nevertheless, implementations of these decisions also require great courage because one can put a full stop to others activities but when it comes to oneself it can be really a challenging job. Self regulation is a self controlling process, which an individual can only conduct on his own. It requires perseverance and strong will power to put an end to all those desires, which can trap you in their shackles.

Though self regulation process is an essential attribute in an individual it can be quite meaningless if a person is blind to his mistakes. Therefore, one need to take care that one judges one’s actions according to the intentions on the scale of morality.

Morality refers to individuals own set of rules and regulations which may be or may not be in coherence with the social moral structure. It might be affected with various factors, which led to its formulation. There are numerous incidents in a person’s life, which together make up the whole ideology a human being and his individual self as well.

Self regulation would so include many transforming processes, for instance if a person has been a victim of child abuse then it is likely that he might have social phobia. He might also loose confidence in himself and have pessimistic attitude towards life, in such a case if a person is well aware of his or her problem then it will require him to change his attitude towards life as well as other people. Or else he will never be able to come out of that social phobia and will remain restricted and isolated.

Society and individual have always been on loggerheads with each other as society overlooks the individual interest and prefers the betterment of the large community. Such a structural goal of the society makes it blind to people who are insane and mentally ill. Sometimes a loss of sanity occurs due to deep emotion stress. In such a case an individual might loose his rationality and can even become violent. At that juncture of the problem, such a person requires more care and attention but the approved scientific structure of the society tags them as insane and mad. Its rational structure sweeps the irrational and hysterical out to places like mental asylums.

Therefore, society is the dominant structure, which can create as well as ruin an individual self.

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