Self Identity Methods

Methods to identify self in Society

Are you happy with the kind of life you are living? Do you want the things to go on the way they are going? If you are not happy with your life, then what is holding you back? We all go through highs and lows in life. Nevertheless, how many of us accept all the circumstances with same attitude? Probably majority of us are frustrated in our tough times and get carried away in our happier phase. Such an attitude is because we have no control on our lives. We are in actual terms only existing and not living. Every morning when we get up we have stress of reaching our workplace on time, then we work like donkeys and by the time when our work gets wrapped up, we are too exhausted. Once when we reach home, we sit before television. This is not the story of a particular busy day in our lives but we spend years practicing this ritual. As a result we are unaware of our true identity and inner self. Inner self is defined as the voice of god. It provides us direction that leads us to true happiness. Nevertheless, often in the fast pace of life the inner voice gets suppressed.

We are running rapidly to materialize our ambitions. In addition, are too busy to introspect and ponder upon our lives. In the midst of hustle bustle of life we seem to have lost our identity. Identity is the true reflection of an individual. An individual works hard all day to make currency and improve his standard of living.

Ironically, it is the society’s judgment of him that is most valuable to him. Everything he does is valued from the society’s point of view. The opinion of people around him overshadows his inner voice. In other words his life’s choices are a result of the society’s viewpoint of him. He may find real happiness while painting but because of the fear that he may be ridiculed for taking an insecure career as his profession, he won’t take it as profession.

Think for a moment and ask yourself that are you really glad leading the life as per the society’s benchmarks? Does your reputation, bank balance or job define you? If not then what defines you? What is your true identity? Possibly introspection and a little thinking will provide you answer. Normally, bank balance, property hold or one’s reputation in the society is considered parallel with individuality. Nevertheless, the fact is that your self is more than your accumulations in life. Thus, it is imperative that you realize your true worth and work towards your real happiness.

There are various techniques to attain serenity of mind. All the techniques lie within you. You have to make efforts to connect with your inner voice. Meditation is one method that has been used for ages to understand yourself. The art can be performed at any serene corner of your home and sit there cross legged with eyes closed. You are required to remain calm for about 20 minutes. When you are able to concentrate within yourself, ask yourself questions about the cause of your survival in the world. Ask yourself what the activities that provide you eternal happiness are. Eternal happiness means that you are always glad and contented irrespective of the circumstances of life. Practice this art regularly and soon you will see the positive change in your life. The pessimistic emotions, such as anxieties, fear, insecurities or worries will have no place in your life and will be replaced by feelings of kindness, love and affection.

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