Self Identity and Posing Challenges

Posing a challenge- great way to gain self and social identity

Man is a social animal and needs company of people around him. When an individual be in company of others there are times when he or she has to face criticism and difficulties. Therefore, people should adopt a positive approach and self-identity in the society so as to overcome external threats.

To face criticism, it is vital to be strong and have the capacity of taking challenges, as it will contribute in development of the self. The society we live in is full of people who have feelings of hatred and jealousy and they plan one or the other way to insult or make fun of other people so as to gain superiority.

Self-awareness is the main ingredient that builds up the confidence and thereby contributing in the development of the self. If a person is unaware of his or her positive and negative attributes, he or she can never face the challenges posed by the society. Awareness of the self is important as it opens one’s mind about the various aspects of a person’s personality and behavior. When an individual comes to know his or her shortcomings, he or she can work on those areas so that self-development can be achieved.

Challenging one’s own self and society contributes a lot in gaining confidence about one’s own perspective and outlook. The first thing that has to be adopted is to widen one’s perspective and thinking and be open. There may be a case when you might have put in your best efforts to achieve some goal but might have failed. In this situation, it is obvious that people in the society will criticize you and pass remarks and comments that might be depressing. Therefore, people should adopt open approach towards life and does not take their failure as the ultimate destiny. They should try to console themselves that they will perform even harder the next time and come before the world with true colors.

Moreover, a person should be focused on whatever challenge they have taken and not change their mind according to different people’s viewpoint. If you will be focused on you’re the work you are doing, you will observe that even the difficult tasks will be completed without much problems.

Having a positive outlook towards one’s identity also contributes a lot in development of the self and society as if a person will not be confident about his or her strengths, he or she will never take up any activity and that will in turn hamper the growth of the society physically and financially. In addition, one should be clear about his or her views and issues as when a person is not confident of what he or she is doing, it will create confusion and the society will not be able to gain identity and place of its own.
A person should maintain thinking that he or she is unique. Nevertheless, at the same time it should not be so strong that might become over confidence and an obstacle in attaining your self-identity. In addition, if an individual draws a line of limit, he or she can never prosper as success is achieved when there is a huge wealth of knowledge about one’s own self and the society in which we live in.

There are various threats that a person faces from the society in which he or she lives. For this, people should be strong enough both mentally and physically so as to have a place and standing in society and that would in turn maintaining reputation. Thus, it is important for an individual to have an identity of its own but also of the society around.

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