New Age in Self Identity

Society is made up of self

With change in environment the actions and gestures of an individual tend to be influenced. The change in the surroundings means a change in the society or the habitat of an individual. As the individual is a part of the society therefore, any change in the environment is bound to make a difference in the life of an individual. When an individual exits in a society it is must for an individual to behave in accordance with the society. The individualism should not affect the attitude, as it is the biggest hindrance in the development of the self.

The actions of an individual get easily affected by the role an individual plays in the society and attitude of others towards an individual. The conduct of an individual is guided by the society and one needs to mind his or her actions accordingly. When an individual sees a lot of negativity around him then his actions and thinking even tends to be the same. If an individual harbor the feeling of unrest, hatred, jealousy, disgust, lust, sloth or indolence then the actions of the individual would be negative. Rape, homicide and suicide are the common outcome of some of the negative feelings of the self. In addition, if the surroundings of an individual have a positive energy flowing then an individual is bound to feel happy and contended. In addition, charity, love, care, affection, generosity and kinship are sure to be the outcome of it.

An individual should be considerate and selfless as it can be a possibility that the actions of an individual influence the other people. At times the conversation and gestures of an individual has the power to make an individual come under your awe and follow your guidelines. Attitude of an individual can act like a stimulus towards others and may alter their behavior. The development of the self of an individual is affected by the society. An individual should try and overcome the negativity or weaknesses, but this process can be hindered by the surroundings. Development of the self can lead to the exploration of the hidden self of the people. Once an individual realizes his potentials and limitations then he or she should target all his energy and oomph for the achievement of the goals of the life. An individual’s action speaks about his self as actions are guided by the subconscious part of the mind. In addition, the subconscious mind accounts for our hidden desires and latent emotions. An individual should try and make out on which part an individual wants to progress and then can accordingly work towards its achievement.

The self and society are closely knit and one cannot do without the other. Society is nothing but a group of people living together to satisfy their needs and have certain kind of company. As it is human nature that an individual cannot survive alone society and self has to work in unity. An individual should try and make adjustments with other beings of the society and have certain kind of peace in life. Once an individual is well adjusted in the society and is respected by others he or she is sure to feel good and this feel good factor would be reflected in the gestures or actions of an individual. Nevertheless, if an individual feels reckless and is not satisfied with his or her position in the society then the discontentment would even be reflected and would surely make a negative impact on the society. Thus, an individual should realize the importance of making a position in the society and should never let individualism or ego influence their actions and behavior in the society.

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