Gaining of Self Identity in Society

Gaining identity of self and identity is very important

Self-identity refers to the awareness of one’s true inner self through various natural procedures like meditation, yoga and naturopathy. Knowing about oneself is very necessary as one comes to know about hidden secrets that might be becoming an obstacle in your way to achieve success. Therefore, it is crucial to have self-identity so as to carry on the process of self-development.

Identity crisis is a major problem that is faced by various people these days as due to hectic schedules people are not able to concentrate on knowing their own strengths and weaknesses. Self-identity can be achieved when one starts taking criticism from the society but take it in a positive sense. Every society has some or the other shortcomings and therefore they criticize people, which hamper the development of the self.

Individualism has made the lives of people more self-centered and they often neglect the well being of the society. When people value their ego more than the well being of their fellows it stands as a threat to the process of self-development. Therefore, it is necessary for an individual to know one’s value and place in society so as to shape up his or her personality in the true sense. Moreover, as self-identity is important, self-control, self-awareness and self-consciousness are also very crucial to achieve the development of the self and society.

As the number of crimes is increasing, people have lost trust in institutions and other organizations and that result in slow growth of the society physically, emotionally and financially. The position of an individual in a society is revealed by a person’s character and behavior. For example if an individual is not aware of his or her own vices and virtues, he or she will be easily defeated or even threatened by the external factors. Therefore, to face the society, it is necessary to first know about one’s own identity and then face others.

There are cases when people do not find a right place in the society and his or her identity seems to be lost somewhere in the hustle and bustle of hectic life. If an individual is badly treated by others in the society, he or she develops negative or evil feelings towards them and revenge is the only thing that comes to his or her mind. Moreover, if this revenge is not taken, it results in anxiety, abuse, depression and various other severe conditions. Nevertheless, if an individual is able to handle these types of feelings with great ease, he or she gains confidence and the result is development of the self and of the society as a whole. The most important thing for an individual is to develop a link or two-way process with others around them so that they can easily share their burdens and joys and thereby developing the self in the most possible extent.

Inspiration also contributes a lot in gaining awareness and confidence. Nevertheless, inspiration should be a positive one as when a person is highly influenced by a person; he or she should take the positive attributes so that the development of the self can be achieved easily. Experiences also play an important function in attaining self-identity. There are some conditions when an individual has sorrowful past experiences. In this case, people should try to come out of the emotional trauma and face the present situations with courage so that self and societal development can be done properly.

Thus, one should not regret about the past or ill treatment from the society but should try to find and adopt ways to know the true identity of the self and society.

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