Evils of the Self Identity

Self and Society

Because humankind was lead to believe that they evolved from apes, the average person that failed to verify, clarify and learn more about his creation stays stuck in one frame of mind. That mind has lead to many animalistic traits that has caused major havoc in our society.

Today, many people struggling with self-identity and what it means to them. They often swing from vine to vine trying to understand these animalistic ways. Because they lack knowledge and truth, they often wander through life coming face to face with unwanted criticism that causes them many difficulties. Rather than accept that they are created they would prefer to believe the many lies told them, which makes it harder for them to establish a natural identity.

Most people will adopt positive approaches to manage in life, yet still they are presented with chaos due to the fact that they have not established truth. Some people do well by taking positive approaches toward self-identity in society and will overcome external threats that could hold them back from growing.

We all face challenges each day and undue and due criticism. In any instance, we must stand strong and face the challenges by recognizing the truth. In society, we live around people full of animosity, animalistic ways, and all of these responses come from feelings of hatred, jealousy, etc, but primarily they come from misconceptions and lies told to them.

We need to develop higher grades of self-awareness and consciousness to survive in this animalistic society. Self-awareness and consciousness is one of the chief ingredients, since when we expand our awareness it becomes the biggest factor in our progress of self-development.

When we have a clutter mind, it steals our awareness to a large degree. The results lead to negative thinking that affects us in many ways. One of these ways is that it becomes difficult for us to face challenge successfully in society.

Self-awareness and a higher consciousness of your surroundings is an important component of any human being. When we are able to develop these components we are keen of others behaviors, but we also are keen, noticing our own behaviors and thoughts. This helps us to acknowledge our shortcomings and strengths.

In society, we are challenged often. Everyone has their own views and opinions, which reflect on us indirectly or directly. We must stay on our toes in order to slow people that try to persuade us into doing something we regret later. This means we need to develop a positive outlook on life as well. Of course, building self-awareness and consciousness will give you a greater measure of optimistic views.

We expand as humans every day. Each day we expand, we move closer to our identity. The problem is because many people lack the higher plane of consciousness and self-awareness, they often find themselves following others despite how they behave, rather than taking their own lead. What occurs is these people develop a small measure of their own identity and a large measure of various others identity.

The old saying, “You are what you eat,” expands further than just nutritional foods. It also expands to the mind, since what you observe, hear, and listen to; etc all takes a toll on deciding your direction. We have to keep looking at the world in a positive light; otherwise, it will cause us more distresses than we already face from daily living.

Some of the best ways to expand human components, such as higher consciousness, self-awareness and so on is by meditating daily. Yoga and other natural remedies will also assist us with growing stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. Our evils must be addressed however, which include doubt, fears, wrongful behaviors and so on.

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