Confidence in Self Identity

Self and Society

When we fail to give forethought before making our decisions, it often causes us to make poor decisions. We all must stop and look further into the options in order to realize and make better decisions.

We can build confidence when we give forethought before making decisions. The benefits of giving forethought lead us to higher awareness. We are better able to consider ideas or propositions effectively by expanding our awareness. Moreover, when one has foresight it is a prudence of having the aptitude to develop constructive plans. We start planning and anticipating a better life because one takes precaution before opening his mouthpiece to speak.

Taking precaution provides us a safety measure. This preventative measure will insure that we are safeguarded while providing us provisions that expand confidence.

We all make decisions daily. For instance, when we wake up we must choose what to wear for the day. We must chose our hairstyle, what to have for breakfast, what route to take to work, what to do first while at work and the list goes on and on. An entity almost certainly makes around ten or twenty choices before the clock strikes 9 a.m. Most of these decisions are made without a second thought.

If the person had given forethought to the decisions he had to make prior to the timeframe that he had to get moving, thus he would reduce time and stress. How so, well, if this entity would have prepared during the night hours, he’d have his clothes ready in the morning, choice of breakfast, hairstyle, and route to take to work, and so much more ready before he woke up. In the morning, he’d merely would have to fix his breakfast, put on his clothes and do his hair. He could cut back more time by keeping things simple. A simple hairstyle and casual or business wear is all he needs.

Since an entity must make so many decisions it is critical for that individual to understand what guides his/her especially in the decision making process.

Part of the problem is learned patterns. The major part of the problem however is the fact that many people fall short of completely developing self, thus establishing their own self-identity.

Decisions are often made based on the entity’s present emotions, thoughts and feelings. One’s emotional competency is based on the way in which an entity reacts under stressful situations. We can develop emotional competency, which leads us to self-discovery. It is the way in which an entity establishes the capacity to manage particular events and daily activities. Each of us reacts differently when the emotions are interrupted.

When an entity has the desire to achieve a higher plane of emotional strength of mind that individual is striving towards a more positive life, a life that is more satisfying and flourishing.

Consider what would occur if we all made better choices in life. We would all have the aptitude to accomplish our innermost hopes and dreams. An entity must not fear the process of evaluating his or her personal emotional strengths. At some point in time, we must be willing to step back and look at the emotions that determine how we make decisions.

The choices we make dictate our life in many ways. In order to establish self-identity and understand the way the self behaves in society we must cultivate human qualities, such as higher awareness, confidence, self-esteem, and move to give forethought before making any decision. While self-development to establish an identity takes great effort, practice and skill, it is a process we can all complete by taking action today and giving forethought to our necessities.

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