Both Sides of Self Identity in Society

Self and individual-two sides of a coin

Man is a social animal and he cannot survive in isolation. For his development and well-being it is necessary to have a healthy self and have an integrated approach. For the development of the self of an individual it is a prerequisite that man learns to adjust and accept the society as it is. Human being is a product of the society and his or her attitude or actions are all guided by the society. The societal elements influence the behavior of an individual. Self of an individual is made up of various elements.

Though society has been made up of individuals, the biggest threat to the society is that if individualism. Individualism compels people to work for their personal motives neglecting the well-being of the society. When the ego of an individual becomes important and he or she values the personal interests more than the collective well-being. One always wonder though there are many people who pay their taxes on time and a lot of revenue is generated by the government, yet there has been no improvement in the law and order of the society. With the growing rate of crime and people growing reckless the need of developing self restrain and self-esteem is very important. The reason for its failure is that the outcome is treated and not the motives which force a man to behave in such a weird manner. People in this unsympathetic world fail to value the feelings and emotions of the people.

How an individual is treated in the society and what is the level of respect an individual demands and what he actually gets make him or mar him. If the person is ill treated in the society then he is bound to harbor negative feelings and his actions are sure to reflect negative affects in society. If one is not able to deal with his or her emotions then the outcome would be depression, anxiety, stress, child abuse, rape, homicide or many such types. Nevertheless, if an individual can handle his or her emotions well then an individual then he or she can develop self-esteem and positive outlook. It is necessary for an individual to develop a two way process with the society so that the development of an individual can be initiated.

Self of an individual depends on the society as what a person sees or experience at large he or she tends to get influenced and adopt unthinkingly the same attitude. This heedless behavior can make an individual suffer at the cost of the self. In the competitive world an individual has to encounter many ups and downs daily, which hurt his self-esteem making him more susceptible to the negativities. As the self of an individual can be developed only when an individual has the spark within therefore, one must try and develop that zeal and enthusiasm. For the process of self development one has to overcome all his weaknesses and negativities, which mar his or her personality. Once the individual come face to face with the latent strengths and weaknesses then half of the battle is won and the person would find himself or her self better adjusted in the society.

For developing the self of an individual to develop there are several ways, which include, meditation, yoga, color therapy, breathing therapy, long walks and naturopathy. These therapies aid in the self healing of an individual and make him or her more resistant to the criticism which one has to face every now and then in the society. Thus, individual self and society are interrelated and one cannot exist without the other.

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